This ridiculous scissors is not what you need for your hair business-but you need these!

If you are thinking of opening a home-based hairdressing business, you must consider the hairdressing tools you will need to have on hand. Your clients will expect you to be using similar hairdressing tools to the ones used in professional salons. This may sound like something you can try and skimp on, but it is quite important. Perhaps you think the customer will not know any better about hairdressing tools, but it is the outcome of the hairstyle that will be proof of the pudding!

The most important tool in your home hair salon is the hair cutting scissors. You will obviously want to have professional haircutting scissors that are of high quality. They should be comfortable for you to hold, as you will be using them a lot. The scissors should have a fairly silent cutting action and sharp edges. You will want to have an array of different sized and styles of scissors depending on what type of cut you are giving. You’ll to keep them sharpened with a sharpener.

Another type of hair cutting tool you will want to have is shears. These are scissor with different cutting edges, like razors. The best have long lasting steel blades and are perfect for sculpting a perfect hairstyle.

Next in line of importance is a hair dryer. A good professional hair dryer is a must. It will dry a client’s hair in a shorter period if it is of high quality. Shorter drying periods equal more time to take in another customer. Some of the best professional hair dryers are the ionic ones. They work to dry hair quickly with a lot of power, have different temperature settings and are ergonomically comfortable to hold.

Your home-based hairdressing salon must be outfitted with other tools to be considered professional by your clients. A hair straightener or flat iron are must-have tools for your home-based salon. The best flat irons have ion charged ceramic plates. They also have flexible temperature abilities ranging from 140-450°F. Some of these flat irons work excellently on damp or even wet hair. Again, you can achieve the look your client wants in a short period with the right hair straightener.

Curling irons are another tool of the trade you will need as part of your home-based salon inventory. A professional curling iron will leave your client with longer lasting curls than if she did it at home with a store-bought one. These professional irons will cause less damage to the hair too. The negative ions in the best curling irons will keep the hair shiny and smooth, just what your client will want when leaving your home salon.

A scissor holster is a very convenient item to own. You often put your scissors down to do something else and then have to spend time looking for them. A scissors holster will keep them in place, close at hand. Most can be fitted around the waist, but some go around your shoulder. It’s a relatively inexpensive way to look professional and add convenience to your home-based business.

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