So you’re sick of working in a salon but chances are you haven’t thought of this.

You make every woman into a beauty. You make their hair shine, their eyes glow. They get out of your hands happy and smiling.

So, why are you making peanuts? Why are you waking up in the morning dreading going to work when you love your job? Few possible answers: you work for a miserable boss, you do not like being pushed around, you are not happy being told what to do. Sounds familiar? One solution would solve all your problems: become a home hairdresser or a mobile hairdresser!

YOU… a home hairdresser or even a mobile hairdresser?

You admit that you did think about it. Becoming a home or mobile hairdresser… It is like a dream, wonderful, attractive, but scary at the same time. With nobody to tell you what to do, what if you make a mistake? What if you quit your job and nobody comes to your new home hairdressing business, or your mobile hairdressing business doesn’t take off?

The freedom is scary. The responsibility is yours. But, so are all the benefits. Making mistakes is normal, and we survive them and learn from them. How many mistakes did you boss make and she did not even notice? Afraid of not having any clients?

Just remember all those happy people who came every week to your salon just to see you and let you work your magic? Think of them and your confidence will go high-sky. And, of course, you will let them know that you are opening your home hairdressing or mobile hairdressing business.

In fact, why not be smart: start working on your home hairdressing /mobile hairdressing business while you are still working for your boss: look around. Try to learn other aspects of the job. How the bookings are made, how to run your books, how to price your home or mobile hairdressing service, how and where to order best and cheapest products for your new home/mobile hairdressing business.

At first…why not start as a mobile hairdresser?

Why not start as a mobile hairdresser, to begin with. If your old customer comes to do her hair before her cousin’s wedding, offer to her to come before the wedding and do everyone’s hair! Throw in a good price, and you will be treated as a saviour (a mobile hairdressing fairy!). And, of course, all those cousins and aunts of the bride will become your lifelong home /mobile hairdressing business customers.

Being good and popular is great, but not enough for a successful home hairdressing or mobile hairdressing business. It is a business, after all. You are becoming a business person. Scary and exciting at the same time, isn’t it? But, what do you know about running a home hairdressing or mobile hairdressing business? Maybe not much at this stage.

Use common sense, and the internet. Use books. Use other people’s advice. But, most importantly, treat your customers well. You will be building your reputation, and your customers will be your best advertising for the new home or mobile hairdressing business. Make yourself their best friend. Make their visit to your home hairdressing business or your visit to their home as a mobile hairdresser a retreat. Whether you work as a home hairdresser or mobile hairdresser you can always turn up the atmosphere like putting some candles, some soft music, and dressing nicely. And enjoy yourself.

After all, you are doing what you do best; you are your boss – a home hairdresser or mobile hairdresser!

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