Feeling like a slave working in a salon?

If you are a hairdresser, and your boss decided to sack you, you should just smile at her and tell her ‘thank you’.

That will wipe the condescending smile off her face.

Tell her that she is doing you a favor because she is pushing you into doing something you planned on doing for a long time, but did not have enough motivation-quit. Tell her to start trembling in fear, because you are taking with you all your customers (okay, maybe you shouldn’t say this…), all your knowledge and all your years of experience.

Hello, mobile hairdressing!

So, it is Monday, and you are at home instead of going to work, for the first time in many years. Another cup of coffee is fine, having the time to finish the whole paper is fine, but it is time to start turning into reality your long-term dream: becoming a mobile hairdresser. Your husband asked you: why mobile hairdressing instead of home hairdressing?

You have a nice home, a double-car garage, enough space to make it into a nice little studio. Why are you so cut on being a mobile hairdresser? Let’s see… mobile hairdressing is your chance to be out, roaming the countryside, visiting distant places, bringing your talent and tools of the trade where they have not been seen before. Because, that is your dream: to be doing hair where no hairdresser has done it before – mobile hairdressing is the solution!

Sounds like a Star Trek episode. You remember your mom when you were a kid, once a month she would take a train or a bus and go to a nearby town to ‘do her hair’. It was a ritual, she loved the monthly visits to town, but after some time she could not afford it any more, so she put a scarf on her head, and that was the end of her hair-dos. What? Your mum never used to do that?

Perhaps your mom is only one reason you want to hit the road working as a mobile hairdresser: you like the sense of being free, and you enjoy visiting people in their homes, seeing how they live, bringing a bit of glamour into their often drab lives. Mobile hairdressers do all that and more! You like visiting other people’s homes, and you plan to make your visits a regular event, bringing not only your scissors and brushes but also magazines, photos, even videos of different new styles and colors. Every woman has the right to be the most beautiful possible, and as a mobile hairdresser extraordinaire you will do everything in your power to help her do it.

Mobile hairdressers love to travel

Your car is in a good shape, good, reliable type, and you enjoy spending hours in it driving to distant places. And even if you are driving just across the bridge to the other part of town, it is still fun to dress up, put a nice dress on, a bit of cologne, and go on making some lucky woman into a beauty. Not to mention that all the money you make will stay at home. And…as a mobile hairdresser you will probably make way more money than you do work in the salon.

Mobile hairdressers have very little overheads. Your expenses end with your buying all necessary hair products and the gas for your car. Your clients will pay for electricity, water, heating, even for a cup of coffee and sometimes lunch. Welcome to the mobile hairdresser’s world!

Your husband has no problem with your wanderlust and supports your plan to become a mobile hairdresser. He knows that your only passion, besides him and the kids, is doing hair. Mobile hairdressing will give you an opportunity to do what you always wanted to be doing! He also knows that you are a good person and that you would be doing, in fact, a great community service as a mobile hairdresser.

Because, even in the greatest economic crisis, when people cannot afford new furniture, or new car, or even to replace their roof, they still need small luxuries that will not break the bank: like doing their hair, or getting a new, great smelling shampoo. And that’s what makes this mobile hairdressing opportunity so great!

You know that it is not going to be easy. There will be days when the weather will be horrible, when the car will break down, when the kids will be sick, there will be customers who will not be able to pay, or others who will constantly complain and nothing you do would make them satisfied.Those may be the little ‘surprises’ of working for yourself as a mobile hairdresser.

You are sure that there are also many other aspects of the mobile hairdressing business that you do not even know about and will learn the hard way. But, you have the sense that you are on the right track, that you are finally doing what you are supposed to do, even if you have to thank your nasty boss for it. You can finally put your skills, talent, passion, charm and driving skills into good use, all in one package: a mobile hairdresser. There is such a nice sound to it. Say it with me… mobile hairdressing! I am hooked. :)

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